The key to business are skills. You can measure and validate skills applying the MOERS K-Test and the MOERS General Ability Test, respectively.
If an employee’s skills are suitable for a specific job, success is inevitable. It is easy to transform the compliance of those skills required by the related job with the employee’s skills into performance, and into business results.

The most important benchmark for efficiency, quality and sustainable success is to hold a potential that is in compliance with the related job. Because those employees whose skills suit the related job can focus not only for longer periods, they also get easily motivated, and integrate with their job by improving themselves.
Both commitment and constancy of such employees are higher in proportion to the other employees.
The duty incumbent on the Human Resources executives in particular and on all executives, however, is to find the right candidates, and to bring them in into the business.

In order to find and to choose the right employees for a specific job, their skills have to be validated. You will be in need of a measuring instrument for this.

The MOERS K-Test and the MOERS General Ability Test, respectively, ensures that you will bring in the right candidates that you need into your business. You can use both for the training needs analysis, the performance assessment, and the career planning process, respectively.

By applying the MOERS K-Test, you can measure those skills you do require, without submitting the candidate to an interview, by making him/her fill in an online test. Then, you can evaluate the test results online, in an eight-page numeric/non-graphic report (PDF format).

You can use the MOERS K-Test confidently in bringing in qualified candidates into your business.
MOERS K-Test, which is an instrument by means of which you can evaluate the training needs analyses of those employees you have hired, is also your biggest supporter in your applications on the employees’ performance and potential evaluation.


All MOERS tests can be filled in any environment having internet access. The candidate doesn’t have to come to your business.

It is sufficient to send the link to the candidate whom you want to fill in the test.

The MOERS K-Test consists of 160 questions, and can be filled in on average in 16 minutes.


The MOERS tests create an eight-page numeric/non-graphic printout report. All reports are in PDF format.

You can examine the skills score visually by means of a radar chart.

It is the right time to get acquainted with the MOERS K-Test, which will furnish you with effective results regarding your employees’ career planning and polyvalence information.
Please contact us in order to get our tailor-made offer exclusive to your business, and to try the MOERS K-Test for free.

It is crucial for the employees’ development to lead them in the right way. Their existing skills have to be measured in the right way, in order to eliminate any incompetencies, and to improve the suiting aspects.

The MOERS K-Test is the greatest helper to all Human Resources executives, university career centres, counselling specialists in preparatory schools, and management consultants, respectively.


  • Self-confidence
  • Passion for success
  • Responsibility
  • Flexibility
  • Working under pressure
  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving
  • Extroversion / Introversion
  • Focussing
  • Getting into action
  • Complying with the standards
  • Dynamism
  • Team play
  • Communication
  • Working systematically
  • Openness to learning