Adults prefer to discover rather than to learn. Apart from the children, they can’t focus for long time and they need to gain beneficial information which can be attached into their lives.

Therefore the training of adults should contain audio visually and perceputally rich materials and should introduce options for the application at the same time.

MOERS Career Center introduces the most recent information to companies with the most capable specialists. MOERS carries over the applicable information by various methods such as business games, workshops, roleplay, crime scene investigation and outdoor activities.

MOERS Career Center, which offers the opportunity for deep knowledge and expertise by its certificate programs, accompanies the human resource – the most valuable asset – of the companies which are in their development process.

MOERS Career Center shares with companies its training portfolio of a wide spectrum from personal development to quality, from lean production to human resources, from finance to production management and logistics.

MOERS training specialists bring the most recent information into your companies by practical experience and knowledge lies on long years, along with conceptual and academic knowledge.

Due to its social responsibility, MOERS aims to supply personal and constitutional development, by organizing conferences, symposiums, panels, congresses, summits and forums about sectoral, local, national and international issues.

Our experts

MOERS Family is a wide family, composed by team members who are capable in their fields. MOERS specialists – who gained success by blending conceptual knowledge with wide experience, managed heavy budgets, formed and managed constitutional formations – provide their knowledge and experience to serve your company.

We wish to gather you with our specialists who will share the most recent information, make your company progress, transform your company for sustainable profit and provide maximum benefit for your company.