MOERS made thousands of businesspeople come together in hundreds of seminars, conferences, symposiums and panels; in short, it made them meet knowledge and experience.
MOERS, supporting companies in establishing and improving modern management and Human Resources systems, has lead and accompanied businesses on their corporate development journey.
Offering skills-based career inventory to businesses, MOERS has become a reliable guide in choosing and hiring those candidates who are suitable and competent for the related job, in making career plans for the existing employees, and in performing training needs analyses, as well as in both potential evaluation and polyvalence works.
Aiming at creating added value by means of developing its services portfolio, and by taking over the businesses’ Human Resources processes, MOERS is continuously expanding its product range for this purpose.

The MOERS Career Centre will continue to be your business’s reliable partner.


To guide and partner the human resources and transformation process of companies.


To upgrade and transform the companies


  • To offer more than expected
  • Business perception lies on reliability
  • Confidentiality
  • Strategic point of view
  • Sensitive and scrupulous approach
  • To improve by being improved